Monday, December 8, 2008

Scab Suite Now in PDF!

The pdf version of "Scab Suite", a novella by Adam Rothstein, in available via the Projects page.

Here is the direct link:

It is free to download and print, under CC license, of course.

Tell your friends!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The end of an era...

As of today, is no longer the home source for news about Brute Press.

That is because we are pleased to announce the live launch of:


Besides a really awesome tiled background, new features and work that you can find on the brand new site includes:

- Projects page, with info, previews, photos, and purchase info for all of our current productions

- The BRAND NEW LAUNCH OF: Brute Press Live, a free web publishing arena that seeks to give you media in as many forms as possible. We kick off the launch with a short story, "Growth Industry", currently available in pdf and html.

- The BRAND NEW LAUNCH OF: The Brutalitarian, Brute Press' own theory center. Not to discount the opening pronouncement by the most-esteemed Europe A. Obelisk, the Brute Press editors also get the ball rolling with a piece on Intellectual Property, an issue pertaining to small independent publishers and media consumers everywhere. It may hold special interest because it is fundamentally related to the founding philosophies of Brute Press.

- The official release of the paperback edition of Scab Suite, now available for order.

- A brand-spanking new Contact page!!!

- and other witty web-authorship and repartee

-the hint of possible hidden goodies

But never fear! Although the new site will be the dominant HQ, we will still be using the blog for news updates and announcements. Eventually we will move all that to the site, but for now we are having trouble figuring out how to negotiate the RSS feeds. Don't worry, you'll figure it out.

Until then, explore the new site, get involved, and definitely drop email to with your ideas, comments, and passionate insults.

See you at!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Brute Press???

If, for some reason, you still follow this blog, you are probably wondering,

"Hey! What's the deal with Brute Press anyway? Is it a one-issue 'zine? Does it even exist anymore? Why am I reading a blog that hasn't been updated in over a year?"

Those are all questions. But here is a better question:

"What sort of wedding present would Brute Press really like?"

That's right. Because Brute Press moved to the other coast, got married, and got a real job (kinda). Or, it wasn't so much that Brute Press did all those things, but it's managing editor/only partner/inspirational mascot did.

But Brute Press is still here.




New projects?


Two, count 'em, TWO projects coming up in short order.


Scab Suite, a novella by Adam Rothstein. An ongoing release, quantity to be determined. Hopefully for sale soon via select retailers in the Portland, Oregon area. It is hand-bound using a adaptation of perfect-binding, hilariously called less-than-perfect-binding. It is 104 high-quality, acid-free pages long. Cover price: $6.

There will be a limited edition of 20 copies with hand-made art covers done by Rosalynn Ford. Each one of these will cost $9, and is suitable for display. Also suitable for reading.

Pictures, and maybe information about online ordering coming soon! In the meantime, ole email if you want one and we'll work it out.


The Master's Book of Soups, an annotated recipe book bringing you new recipes from a by-gone era of cooking. Date available TBA. If you like soup, but are bored of the old chicken noodle, this book will inflate your soup, stock, consomme, stew, potage, and boullion vocabulary by 1,000-fold. Literally! 1,000 recipes, plus editorials. This nasty bit of awesomeness will be further announced when details are available. Expect sometime 1Q 2009.