Monday, May 7, 2007

Check it out: "B"

Welcome to Brute Press "B"!

While it is not a new journal edition, you better believe Brute Press B is carrying over the intermission!

Brute Press B is a set of six collectible "business poems", printed on high-quality card-stock and sized for your palm, billfold, hat brim, clutch, sock band, fob pocket, or PDA case.

Each poem deals, although perhaps abstractly, with an element of the printing process here at Brute Press, and therefore both the material poem side and the ideal branding side of the card represent Brute Press both as a business and a creative project.

All poems written by Adam Rothstein.

The set of six cards is priced to own, at 1o cents each or one dollar for the whole set of six.

Look for us on foot in Union Square, Washington Square, and numerous other hip NYC locales and get your own today!

Due to the small size and extremely low cost of the cards, we are unable to offer them for mail order at this time. However, Brute Press "A" is still available, and all orders of "A" will come with one "B" card free! An additional dollar with your order of "A" (still just two bucks!) will include the six cards as well.

Brute Press

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